Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Saga Wargames Scenics 2 - The pond

Well you can tell the new school term has started; my hobby time has reduced to almost zero again. I have, however, managed to finish my second drop on piece of scratch built terrain for Saga (and any other 28mm game to be fair!)

The model, a small pond with a small 'duck island' in the middle, started in a similar way to the field.

The banks of the pond were made with pieces of cork sheet and then covered in polyfiller. Cork rocks were then glued into the water area.
I tried a different method with the trees this time. Unable to source rubberised horse hair this time (I was too inpatient to wait for an internet order) I purchased a bag of Woodlands Scenics 'Poly Fiber'. It's a cross between cotton wool and wire wool that simple is stretched and pulled into the desired shape. As this was my first attempt at using it I think I may have used too much -it could have been stretched further. Once the desired shape was reached I glued it onto twigs found in a local wood.
Next I spayed the fiber with ultra strong hold hairspray and sprinkled on green flock. I then repeated this process until the tree was covered. The fact that the fiber is green means I used less flock than on the horsehair.  The effect can be seen below.

 The trees were then drilled and attached to the board by wood screws.
Next I covered the bank and island in PVA glue and sharp sand. Once dried I painted the 'soil' in Homebase emulsion - Double expresso undercoat followed by dry brush highlights of chocolate and then pebble.

Lumps of foam tree foliage were glues to the bank to make bushes and these were followed by clumps of reeds in the water. The water area was then painted using Vallejo Reflective Green. Once dried the water was painted in Citadel Gloss Varnish.  To finish off the model static grass flock was glued on using watered down PVA.

The completed model (a long Saga terrain piece)

 Below,  a close up showing bank and island detail.


  1. Hi Mark. Just found your blog. Some excellent stuff you have here. Very nice work on this terrain piece. Also see you are a Liverpool fan. I have been a Liverpool fan since about 1974, even though I have never been there and that I live on the opposite side of the world.

  2. Thanks Rodger! I've been a Liverpool fan since 1977 - saw my first game at Anfield in 1978 - Liverpool 7 Tottenham 0 - was hooked from then on.