Sunday, 8 April 2012

Saga Scenics Part Four - Finishing Touches

The final (well almost) stage of the construction is the addition of clump foliage for bushes and scenic scatter (of flock) for grass.

I used a dark green clump foliage for bushes, which I glued on using PVA. After that had been allowed to dry I then added a light green flock using watered down PVA. I was going to add lines of flock to represent partially grown crops, but decided (with my good lady's advice) that less is more.

Close up of the trees and rocks.
The tree in the opposite corner
Four of my Bondi laying claim to the field
All I need to do now is trim and touch up the trees and varvish the whole model.
As this was my first attempt at this type of modelling, I am quite pleased with the results and, more importantly, have learned a lot of useful lessons for next time.


  1. A most simple but impressive at the same time playing terrain, my friend. Congratulations indeed