Sunday, 8 April 2012

Saga Scenics Part Three - Painting the base

The next stage was to paint the base to look like a muddy field. Normally I use Citadel paints, however due to the size of the models this would be quite pricey. Instead I bought a range of Homebase tester pots, at only £1.49 each they are far more cost effective than any model paint.

The first step was to paint the whole base in 'Double Espresso'. Now the weird bit - I actually painted the tree trunks too. Firstly, one had split exposing the screw and secondly, the actual twig didn't look natural enough in 28mm scale!Next, I drybrushed the model with 'chocolate' (quite appropriate considering the day!)

A note on drybrushing - I am a great believer that less is more when drybrushing - it is much better to reload your brush several times and gradually build up the coats. Firstly I use kitchen towel to scrape off the excess paint and then brush off more on a separate piece of towel. Then, I 'Dry brush the back of my hand until I cannot feel any moisture, only then do I introduce the brush to the model. This process is repeated until the require shade is achieved.
A close up of the field
and again of the rocks
After only minimal drying time (enough time to remove the seal and lid from the next pot) I drybrushed the whole model again using 'pebbles'. I didn't clean the brush from the last stage, which helps the shades of brown graduate more.
I drybrushed the rocks with a slightly more moist brush to give a greater contrast between the rocks and the soil.
The final stage will involve flocking the base.

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