Friday, 6 April 2012

Saga Wargames Scenics Part Two - Trees

I designed the terrain pieces with the intention of having scratch built trees attached to the base.
The first stage of the tree construction involved searching for twigs in a nearby copse of trees. I then glued rubberised horse hair to the twigs. (below)
Next, I affixed foliage flock to the horse hair by repeatedly spraying it with Morrisons extra firm hold hairspray, sprinkling the flock and then drying with a hairdryer. This process was repeated until the tree was covered. (below)
I then fixed the the trees to the base by first drilling a hole in the base and then attaching the tree with a thin woodscrew from the bottom of the base. I then filled in the gap around the base with filler. I had already built up parts of the base with polyfiller and then covered it with PVA and sharp sand. (below)
Next stage is to paint and flock the base.


  1. Looks good mate, you should stick these in the web site :-)

  2. Once I finish the piece I will write a full 'how to' for the website.

  3. Excellent stuff Mr Abbott. Never seen hairspray used as a fixing agent before (except for the hairspray & salt method for weathering vehicles etc.). Have you used flock or clump foliage, for the, errr foliage?

  4. Hi Mark, I used clump foliage, but I ripped it into small pieces

  5. Nice (if somewhat belatedly)! I was just looking for a howto on trees with rubberised horsehair.