Thursday, 7 June 2012

Napoleonic Prussian Uhlan Lancers

Every wargamer has got one, you know who i'm talking about - he is the hobby equivalent of the Heroin dealer (go on mate try it, it's great you'll love it!). His sole purpose in life is to spend your hard earned money on the new period or genre of gaming that he is also now playing.

Well mine, i'll not name him, but he knows who he is, don't you Stu? has finally got me to take the plunge into 28mm Napoleonics.
I have always been a little wary about painting Napoleonics, worried that my painting would not do the uniforms justice,but I finally took the plunge and bought some Prussians from Perry Miniatures. (All other nations are already being painted by guys at the Wyvern Wargamers Club (

I'm in the middle of  painting my metal Gripping Beast Viking Heathguard to replace the plastics I started with, but could not resist starting on the Prussian Cavalry. For what they are worth, the pictures show my first three, painted with Citadel paints. The bases need to be flocked etc.

Now to finish my Vikings so that I can crack on with the rest of the Prussians!


  1. Looking good mate, paint the cavalry first?

  2. I had to wait for my birthday for the infantry - I just painted these to get started - I've started building the infantry from a Perry's box set and they will make the paint tray once ive finished my GB Vikings.

  3. Guilty as charged....
    Thanks to you I am painting Dark Age Spearmen... :-)
    Cracking job on the cavalry.

  4. Nice work so far. a period i've managed to stay out of personally. But I must admit I do like all the uniforms from this period