Sunday, 25 March 2012

Malifaux Guild C. Hoffman

My latest addition to my Malifaux faction; the enigmatic C. Hoffman.
Early on in the formation of my faction, I decided that all the figures would have a single colour appear as a part of their clothing to unify them. I chose Citadel Red Gore as it closely matched the faction colour in the rules.
I have extended this idea further with C. Hoffman (and the next two figures on the paint table) and introduced the colour to the mechanical enhancements that are strapped to the figure.
I'm playing Saga at the next meeting of the Wyvern Wargames Club (formally known as Evesham Wargames Club), but hope to give the Malifaux rules a try on the second club night in April.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

My Malifaux Guild Faction.

Introducing Lady Justice, The Judge, The Death Marshalls and thier Guild Hounds.
Now to play a few games!
The final member of my Guild faction - Lady Justice.

As with all other faction members, she wears dark grey trousers and has a couple of items of 'Guild Red' clothing (gloves, blindfold and sword scabbard). Her top and boots have been given a high gloss varnish, to give them that Kate Beckinsale in Underworld look. Other items of note are her pearl handled revolvers.

Back to Saga for some more vikings.

Malifaux Guild - The Judge

Below are the pictures of the 2ic of my Guild faction - The Judge.

I made the decision that all my faction members would wear some semblence of a uniform. All the figures wear grey trousers (Vallejo Luftwaffe Grey with a Badham Black wash) and have at least one Item of dark red clothing (Citadel Red Gore with a Badam Black wash). It the case of the Judge, the lining of his coat and his scarf is 'Guild Red'.

Next, the deadly beauty that is, Lady Justice.

Malifaux Guild Hounds

I've had a bit of a green spell of painting recently and have completed my first Malifaux faction. Below are pictures of two Guild Hounds.

I decided that all the figures in the faction should have a single colour that unifies them - in this case Citadel Red Gore with a Bdam Black wash.

Next, The Judge.