Sunday, 15 January 2012

Saga Wargame at The Evesham Wargames Club Jan 15th 2012

I will be introducing one of the lads at The Evesham Wargames Club to Saga - the Dark Ages skirmish game tonight.

Below are pictures of the Viking Warband that I propose to use, led by my newly finished Warband leader and his bodyguard.

The six points consist of: My Warband leader (foc) 3 x 4 man Hirdsmen (1 x 4 converted to Berserkers), 2 x 8 man Bondi ansd 1 x 12 men levies.

My new leader has beeb based together with two retainers on a 40mm square base (in line with the rules). The figures are Olaf Trygvasson and Retainers from Gripping beast. (One retainer did'nt make it to the beast, but has joined the ranks of the warband) As ever Citadel paints and washes were used for the paint job.

My right flank showing Berserkers, Hirdsmen and Levies at the rear (the eagle eyed among you will notice that the levies are mixed with hirdsmen with spears - in the game they will represent levies - I haven't got enough levies painted yet. Under the rules you cannot have mixed units).

My left flank showing two units of Bondi, with the levies in the background.

A battle report will follow, and with the will of Odin and Thor we will be victorious!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Gloucester Minicon Sunday January 29th 2012

The Evesham Wargamers will be hosting a 28mm Zulu War participation game at the Gloucester Minicon on Sunday 29th January.

The scenario is based on the Death of Prince Louis Napoleon. Having play tested the game with the lads, I will only say that it is bloody scary (but a real challenge) being one of the British troopers.

The poster above was created by Paul, one of the guys at The Evesham Wargames Club- Nicely done mate!

I'll be one of the umpires on the game - if you're planning to go, come and have a game and say hello.