Saturday, 18 June 2011

New Pig Iron Heavy Infantry

Following their first outing on the games table, where their commander led them to glorious annihilation against an inferior force of Kolony conscripts (well done Stu!), I decided to add another SAW. I ordered a packet of Pig Iron assault troops that contains the SAW and, in order to give a little figure variation, a packet of backpacks and belt gear. When the packaged arrived, only two days later, Pig Iron had mistakenly dispatched the HQ pack instead. To their credit, after contacting them by email, the correct packet arrived free of charge two days later.

The heads are not separate heads in the Assault troopers packet so to increase variation I chopped the head off the SAW gunner, replacing it with a helmetless head off an alternative head sprue.

I used the same paint scheme as before (see earlier post) but with one difference. Having spent a little time playing the PS3 game Killzone 3, I noticed that the uniform lights and optics of the ISA troops are light blue. Dutifully I painted the optics on these figures in Citadel Regal Navy followed by a smaller dot of Ice blue... now I've got to go back and repaint the others!

The optional backpacks make the figures stand out from the original group and give them a real 'on campaign' look.
The poor SAW gunner now has to contend with male pattern baldness and a ruddy great backpack, as well as his cumbersome firearm!

I used three of the figures from the command pack; I swapped the heads of the sniper and the officer and added backpacks for further variation.

Friday, 3 June 2011

New Kolony Militia Squad

Now the SATs exams are out of the way, I have been able to put brush to figure! Below are the results, a second squad of Pig Iron Kolony Militia.

To distinguish them from my existing squad, I opted for the winter headgear alternative head sprue. Basically the figures are wearing Soviet style, fur Ushankas and side caps.

The pictures below show the squad defending a heavily bomb damaged factory unit (an old Snapdragon miniatures piece).

On Sunday I will be trying them out for the first time using a set of free rules I downloaded called FAD - Fast And Dangerous. A battle report will follow.