Thursday, 29 December 2011

Gripping Beast Small Saxon Hut .... and cattle

I ordered a small, resin Saxon house from the chaps at Gripping Beast in order add a little scenery to my Saga game board (My original plan was to buy one and then make scratch built duplicates).

When the model arrived, I was delighted with the quality; the resin was well cast and did not require any alteration filling or filing at all. The term 'small hut' is quite literal here - the model only measures 7cm x 8cm.

As ever, I have painted the model with a combination of Citadel and Vallejo paints.

The cattle were provided free of charge by the beast as an apology for the building being out of stock when I placed my order - now I need some peasants to tend them and live in the hut!

Next out will be a 40mm square based Saga Warlord with bodyguards.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Gripping Beast Viking Berserkers

One of the rules specific to Vikings in the Saga rule set, allows one unit of 4 Heathguard to be designated Berserkers. Each figure generates 4 melee dice instead of the normal 2, but reduces armour to 3. With such an aggressive attack bonus, I decided I had to have some for my force.

Quite conveniently, the chaps at Gripping beast do a pack of four Berserkers. The pack includes a variety of weapons and four shields. I decided to only use two shields and use the spares as fatigue markers (see earlier post).

My finished models are below - as ever they are painted with a mix of Citadel and Vallejo paints.

Next up, a saxon house, cattle and Warband command group.

Monday, 19 December 2011

Warband Leader (A Gripping Beast Freebie)

Those of you that bought the Saga Ruleset from the chaps at Gripping Beast will recognise this figure as the freebie that came with the rules and dice pack. I decided to paint him up as another warband leader - the rules allow for subleaders in larger games.
Painted as ever with Citadel paints, pics are below.

Next up, Berzerkers.

More Gripping Beast Bondi Vikings

Well, the Christmas holidays paintfest gathers momentum... I'm actually in danger of running out of lead!!
Here are the next batch of Gripping beast Bondi - the only problem I had was attatching the weapons, lots of cutting and filing was required!

Next on the tray, a warband leader, Berzerkers, a Saxon hut, cattle and a 4 man Warband command group.

Saga Fatigue Markers

One of my pet hates about wargaming is seeing tables cluttered with tokens and markers. One key element of the Saga rule system is fatigue markers. I decided to use some of the extra shields I have as fatigue markers.
Not being satisfied with just the shield, I glued them onto a penny along with a piece of scenic cork. I then covered the base in sharp sand and painted it to match the bases of my figures. The finished markers are below.

Coming next, more Bondi, Berserkers and a Warband leader.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Gripping Beast Viking Bondi

Painting 44 plastic Hirdsmen is all well and good, however it will be hugely unlikely I will ever be able to field them all whilst playing Saga. To complete my force I have started painting Viking Bondi, bought as ever from the chaps at Gripping Beast.

As ever, the figures are painted with Citadel paints. I decided not to use shield transfers for the Bondi and hand painted them instead - I actually prefer the finished effect!

Next on the paint table, more Bondi, four Berserkers and a Command section.

Gripping Beast Plastic Viking Hirdsmen (last of)

The Christmas holidays are here, which for a wargaming primary school teacher means only one thing... time to catch up on the painting!!

Below are my final group of Gripping Beast plastic Hirdsmen. The figures are all painted with citadel paints and the shields are finished with Little Big Man Studio transfers.

Coming soon, Gripping beast metal Bondi, Berserkers and fatigue markers for the Saga rules system.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Viking Archers

It seems like an absolute age since I posted on here, but work has been a nightmare and i've hardly put brush to metal! The following pictures are all 28mm Artizan un-armoured archers. They are a bit stockier than the Gripping Beast plastics, but mixed in nicely during my first game of Saga (which is excellent by the way).

As ever, the figures were painted with a mix of vallejo and (predominantly) Citadel paints.

Next on the paint tray are the last 11 Gripping beast plastics and then Gripping beast Bondi and Berserkers.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Menorcan 'Martello' towers

For years now my family and I have spent summer holidays in Menorca. I was delighted to discover on my first visit ten years ago that the island is dotted with old military installations. These range from 18th century up to the Spanish Civil War. Over the years I have made a point of visiting and photographing the sites (and breaking my ankle at one!)

The British built 12 Martello Towers between 1798 and 1802 and then made use of three towers built by the Spanish earlier. The photos below show two of the Spanish built towers, constructed by Captain Francisco Ferdenandez de Angulo in 1781.

The Tower at Alcufar

My wife Elizabeth and our girls Grace and Tilly sitting in the shade of the tower at Alcufar, halfway through a 6km midday, 37 degree hike.

The view from Alcufar towards Fort Marlborough near Mahon.

San Del Xanso tower in Punta Prima.

Another view of San Del Xanso.

If this post was of interest, you should check out my earlier posts from last years expedition. Right, time to crack on with the Vikings I started before the hols!

Thursday, 4 August 2011

More Gipping Beast Vikings

Another batch of Gripping beast plastic Vikings - once again painted with Citadel and Vallejo paints and washes. It has to be said that Little Big Man Studios transfers are fantastic! But enough gushing - here are the pics...

Halfway there... another 22 to go!

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Gripping Beast Plastic Vikings

Well all it took was a chance comment at Evesham Wargames club that I'd be teaching year 5 children about Vikings next school year; followed by Paul letting me know that Gripping Beast were about to launch a new set of dark ages skirmish rules and before too long I had a box of Gripping Beast's new plastic Vikings.

£17 on Ebay gets you 44 multi pose plastic models. The range of poses and weapons available gives you a good range of completed figures, all of which are well moulded and highly detailed.
I decided to give myself an easier paint job by leaving off a lot of the tiny add ons - belt pouches and daggers, but I don't think it detracts from the finished model.

The pictures below shop the first 11 off the paint bench, they have been painted using a mix of Citadel and Vallejo paints and finished off with shield transfers from Little Big Man Studios.

Only 33 more to go....

Monday, 25 July 2011

British 14th Army in Burma (2)

Following on from my last post, here are the photographs of my next six forgoten 14th. The figures are from The Assault group and the paint scheme is as per the first batch.

More of these to follow in the future, but for now i'm heading back ino the dark ages to paint some Gripping Beast Vikings.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

British 14th Army in Burma

Since I started wargaming, I have always wanted to recreate the Burma Campaign of World War 2 (My Grandfather fought in the 1942 retreat - more about him in a later entry). Sadly no-one produces suitable miniatures to represent the British troops from the early campaign, so I finally opted for troops from the later campaign and Chindit operations.

My first set of figures are from the Assault Group ( ) - lovely figures, but their delivery is bloody poor!

The pictures below show the first six of the paint table.
Paint Scheme:

Uniform - Vallejo Bronze Green; washed with Citadel Devlan mud; dry brushed with two progressively lighter dry brush coats of a Vallejo Bronze Green and Citadel Skull white.

Webbing and Bush hat - Vallejo English uniform; washed with Citadel Devlan mud; dry brushed with Vallejo Khaki.

Puggaree - Vallejo Khaki; washed with Citadel Devlan mud and dry brushed with Vallejo Khaki.

Rifle - Citadel Scorched Brown; highlighted with Citadel Vermin Brown; Citadel Boltgun Metal; washed with Citadel Badam Black.
Face and Arms - Citadel Bronzed Flesh; washed with Citadel Ogryn Flesh; Highlighted with Vallejo Basic Skintone and washed again with Ogryn flesh.

I have six more from The Assault group primed on the paint tray, but I think I will be going to Warlord Games ( for reinforcements!