Wednesday, 14 August 2013

28mm Artizan Long Range Desert Group (LRDG)

At long last I have been able to put the DAK to one side and start on the British. Ever since I started war gaming I have had a hankering for putting together figures from the unit my maternal grandfather went on to serve with, the Long Range Desert Group.
Artizan Miniatures produce a small range of LRDG/SAS and desert commando figures. I started three of the LRDG packs. The figures were all well cast and in dynamic poses.
In order to differentiate them from the DAK I chose a lighter palette. The base colours for the uniforms are Vallejo Iraqi Sand and Vallejo English Uniform.
 All the webbing details were picked out with a 50/50 mixture of the two base colours.
This first group of LRDG are wearing a more standard uniform than those normally associated with the unit, but are historically accurate.
Next on the paint tray are six more LRDG, but with much more varied uniforms.

28mm Afrika Korps wearing Greatcoats

One of the things that I remember my grandfather telling me about his experiences in the desert was that as hot as it was during the day, it was freezing cold in the night.

Artizan miniatures include in their Afrika Korps range a single pack of mid war infantry wearing forage caps. Painted up in desert colours, they make a worthy addition to my Afrika Korps force.

The greatcoat was painted with a 50/50 mix of Vallejo Green Brown and Citadell Gorthor Brown. This was then washed in Citadell Agrax Earthshade.

Next on the paint tray the first of my Long Range Desert Group.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

28mm Afrika Korp Sentries

Well the joys of summer holidays painting time continues. Below are a couple of pictures of the latest batch of Afrika Korps to make it off my painting tray.
For the first time ever I actually felt sorry for the figures as I painted them... as sentries, I suppose that this hapless little group are forever destined to be killed first by the LRDG figures waiting in the wings.

Next on the painting tray, riflemen in greatcoats.