Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Zombies at The Evesham Wargames Club

Sunday night saw a zombie infestation hit the Evesham Wargames club. As we have all come to expect by now, Stuart's scenario had 'stitch up' written all over it! Only Chris' group of survivors managed to find all the spare parts needed to get a car started and escape; Paul's Hazmat team became zombie food; as did half of Dane's biker gang; Mark's 'Boyz in da Hood' popped a cap in several zombies, but ended up running; and despite killing several zeds, my 'family' remained trapped in the infested town...

The pics below show my recently constructed food store in situ in 'Zombie town'.


  1. Got to be said our table looked great.... Riot police and Rioters next....

  2. I'm sorry I missed this game, looks like it was good fun. I'm liking the terrain matey, particularly the car park.

  3. The tavble looked great! and MarkG - you did miss a cracking game.
    I'm just putting the finishing touches to some stand alone fence sections.

  4. Superb looking table, love the scratch built items particularly.

  5. Thanks Ad - it was a great game.

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