Sunday, 20 February 2011

Abandoned food store

This model is intended for post apocalyptic zombie games. The shop is made from foam core and painted with textured masonry paint to add texture. I then painted the whole thing with a mix of vallejo and citadel paints.
The shop signs and posters were all copied from the internet, shrunk to size and then printed. The hoarding is made from a thin sheet of cork stained with Devlan mud wash.
The newspapers on the floor are just that - copied off the net and shrunk to size.

I added graffiti to give the buildings a little character.

The graffiti says it all!

My favourite part of the model; all old buildings are plastered with concert posters - this one is no different.


  1. Mark, got to say your best efforts so far, I have a few days off and have a bunch of rioters and riot police which are on the painting table now.
    THW rules have a set of riot rules available, so it would be good to try them out with your buildings as the back drop.

  2. Thanks Stu, I just need to get the interior finished. I was thinking about either a pub, small two level carpark, cafe or laundrette next!