Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Pig Iron Kolony Militia

After dedicating most of my recent painting time to zombies and scenics, I finally found time to return to my Pig Iron Productions Kolony Militia. The figures are from the Kolony Militia Booster pack, which contains 10 figures and a sprule of seperate heads, costing £17. The figures, as always from Pig Iron, were superbly cast and had no flash. I painted the figures to resemble 'space Nazis' and the Helghast from the PS3 game Killzone. If you are interested in the details of the paint scheme see my earlier Kolony Militia post. The fencing in the background was scratch built by myself using wooden dowl, 'granny grid', MDF and sharp sand. I have built numerous lengths and gateways for flexible use on the games table. All the other scenics are from the superb Fenris Games.


  1. Nice. Big fan of the Fenris stuff, really like your fencing too.