Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Pig Iron Heavy Infantry v Bugs

Following are a selection of images from a Starship Troopers game at the Evesham Wargames Club. The Infantry are Pig Iron Miniatures Heavy Infantry and the Bugs are from the old Mongoose publishing Starship troopers range.An infantry patrol is ambushed in a dry river bed.
Bugs to the left of them, bugs to the right of them - prelude to a massacre!

A bug hole opened up just as the HQ section de-bussed from their APC (a converted GW Rhino).

A second infantry section took cover in the rocks and successfully held off a bug attack with long range fire.

'Why are we 'ere Sarge?'


  1. Mark
    Just putting the finishing touches to another 30 bugs. That should give you a run for your money next time.

  2. I better get my bug bunker finished!

  3. Just moved my Mobile Infantry to the top of the paint list as I finished the ACW stuff today....