Friday, 8 June 2012

Metal Gripping Beast Saga Viking Heathguard

When I started building my Saga Viking warband, I painted up a box of plastic Gripping Beast Hirdsmen. It was only on completing them that I realised that I would never field eleven points of Heathguard! I suplemented the Hirdsmen with Metal levies and warriors from the beast, but I felt that they did not fit in well with the plastics I already had.

It was at this stage that my OCD kicked in (come on all of us wargamers are on the spectrum) and I replaced the plastic Hirdsmen with metals (the plastics are currently on ebay).

The first 2 points worth are pictured below, painted, washed and varnished with Citadel paints.

Next on the paint tray, another 2 points of Heathguard.


  1. Very nice paintwork Mark.

  2. Nice Blog Name. And my post today was also my frst SAGA figs. Keep up the good work. Clint

  3. Clint -what do they say about great minds thinking alike? I had a look at your Blog - good work on those Vikings sir!

    1. I think they say "Fools seldom differ!"

      I'd also like to say your figs are well painted. Deffinitly not "average"