Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Fenris Games Resin Scenics

Having spent a substantial amount of time looking for a supplier of 28mm scale sci-fi scenics, I lucked upon Fenris Games ( The guys at Fenris supply a big range of sculptured bases and sci-fi and fantasy scenic bits to add that little extra to your gaming table.

I purchased the pieces via their ebay store, and when they arrived only a few days later, I immediatly bought more as I was so happy with the quality. The pieces are cast in urethane resin and their vacuum degassing process leaves a near perfect, bubble free, finish. The detail is exceptional and, in my humble opinion, is probably the best I have ever seen.

When it came to painting the Sci-fi modules I decided on a grimy, industrial look. For my inspiration look at the PS3 game Killzone 2 or the film Blade Runner. The paint job was
very simple. Citadel Chaos black spray paint undercoat followed by a heavy drybrushing of Citadel Boltgun Metal. Once dry the models were washed in Citadel Badham Black and when dry, Citadel Devlan wood. Finally I dipped into the depths of my paint box to use a (glass) jar of Miniature Paints Metalic Bronze to highlight the tube, cable and wire details, which I then washed in Devlan mud.

Below are some of the goodies in their final painted form:
1) Sci-fi atmosphere processor (£5.99) The figures are Kolony Militia from Pig Iron Miniatures.

2) Sci-fi engineering module (£5.99) Again the figures are Pig Iron.

3) 1/55 scale street furniture bio hazard barrels (£3.25 for 10) The figures are zombies from Coldwar miniatures range - perhaps we have now found the cause of the epidemic!!

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