Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Pig Iron Kolony Militia

Originally I only intended to build a Heavy Infantry unit for a 'Starship Troopers' game, using Pig Iron Productions figures ( , however the quality of the figures combined with the pleasure I took in painting them (yes I can occasionally enjoy that bit!) led me to buying a few packs of Kolony Militia. Here are the results:

When I received the figures in the post I was immediately struck by two things - firstly they looked like WW2 German troops - Space Nazis! and secondly, they look like the Helghast from the PS3 game 'Killzone 2'. With these observations made, I decided to paint them as a combination of the two.

First my usual method of basing figures - glue them onto 1p coins on the Queen's head side (it must be my Republican side coming out); level the bases using poly filler and then cover with pva glue and sharp sand). Next the figures are sprayed black using Citadel Chaos Black.

The following paints were then used:
Uniform Trousers: Vallejo German Field Grey WWII
Overcoat: Vallejo Medium Sea Grey washed with Citadel Badham Black.
Overcoat Lining: Officers - Vallejo Scarlet, Other ranks - Citadel Kommando Khaki
Helmet, gloves and Body Armour: Vallejo German Field Grey WWII, washed with Badham Black.
Officer's Hat: Vallejo German Field Grey WWII; Vallejo Scarlet; Citadel Chaos Black, Citadel Boltgun Metal.
Boots, belt and pouches: Citadel Beastial Brown, washed with Citadel Devlan Mud.
Helmet optics: Citadel Boltgun Metal, Badham Black, Vallejo Scarlet and Citadel Blazing Orange.
Hood: Vallejo Luftwaffe Uniform WWII.
Gas Mask: Citadel Vermin Brown washed, washed with Citadel Devlan Mud, Boltgun metal, Vallejo Scarlet, Badham Black and a dot of Citadel Blazing Orange.
Weapons: Citadel Chaos black, Citadel boltgun metal, Vallejo Luftwaffe Uniform WWII and Vallejo Scarlet.
Base: Citadel Scorched Brown, Graveyard Earth and Bleached Bone.

I have always been disappointed with the finish of spray varnishes, so I use Vallejo Mat Varnish and use one of my good lady wife's old makeup brushes to apply it.

Below are the officer and a Militia man with a flame thrower.

Next, more troopers and some scenics...


  1. Nice work mate, they will have to face my Neo-Sovs.

  2. Sorry, I don't sell my painted miniatures... You can buy the unpainted figures from