Sunday, 19 December 2010

The family that slays together stays together - Hasslefree Miniatures Zombie Hunters

We've played Zombie apocalypse games at the Evesham Wargames Club for years using the 'All things Zombie' (ATZ) rule set. It's been a while since the last game, but with FX's series 'Walking Dead' hitting the screens, it was only a matter of time before we had another. I have a number of zombies from Coldwar minis ( but decided it was time to add a group of survivors.
I decided that I wanted a group of essentially British looking characters armed with makeshift weapons and was delighted to stumble across Hasslefree Miniatures website( Having browsed their superb range, I selected a group of six figures, the conceit being that they were a family (mum, dad, older daughter and her boyfriend, son and younger daughter).

The figures arrived quickly, they are well sculptured and moulded - there was no flash to remove and each figure comes with a plastic slotted base. I textured the base with PVA glue and sharp sand and then painted the minis with a mix of Vallejo and Citadel paints. I decided to go for an urban basing scheme, painting the base grey and adding road markings. The results follow:

I was able to knock these up in only two nights (it's amazing what I can achieve when I have no marking to do!) and was chuffed with the results. Sadly though, the bloody weather has meant that our club night has been cancelled! Still I'm sure the family will get their chance crack some zombie skulls in the new year!