Sunday, 10 August 2014

More 28mm scratch built North African (Tunisian) buildings for WW2

 Following my last post, here are the latest scratch built additions to my World War Two North African village.

First up is a well - very easy to make, a donut of Miliput attached to a piece of MDF , followed by three sharpened pieces of wooden cooking skewer glued together and o the base using a impact adhesive. This was all covered in sharp sand and painted as per my last blog entry.

The LRDG officer standing by the well comes from Artizan Miniatures.
Next up is another single story dwelling, made exactly the same as those featured in my last entry. The only difference being the sheltered porch. This was simply made using pieces of wooden cooking skewers. The material used to make the covering came from an old pair of my wife's tights, which I painted with Citadel Tallarn Sand.
This picture shows the other addition, shutters for the window, which I made from thin MDF. This was scored and painted in my usual style.

The Afrika Korp soldiers patrolling by are also from Artizan.

Next on the paint table, a small mosque.


  1. That's really nice work!
    Unshamelessly copying the photos in my iPad just in case I have some spare time in my holidays next week. I specially love the well

  2. I unshamesly copied the well from a scene in the film 'Sahara'.