Tuesday, 12 August 2014

28mm scratch built Mosque for World War Two North Africa

The latest addition to my World War 2North African/ Tunisian village, is a small mosque. When designing the building I decided not to include a minaret tower, reasoning that a mosque in a small village wouldn't have one.

The frame of the building was made using foam board attached to an MDF base using grab adhesive. This was then covered with sharp sand and painted with B&Q Soft Almond interior paint.

The door was made from a scrap piece of MDF and the windows were made with plastic 'granny grid'. Both of these were painted and highlighted in blue.

The dome was made from a Polystyrene ball from Hobby Craft. It was cut in half, glued to an MDF roof. I then covered the dome in fine surface filler that was sanded down to a smooth finish once dry. I decided not to paint the dome gold, but in the same blue as the doors of all the building in the village to match.
The base was then completed by gluing sharp sand that was painted, washed and highlighted in Citadel paints. To finish it off I added foliage scatter for weeds and self adhesive grass tufts.

Next on the table is another house, this time made from cork tiles!