Thursday, 29 December 2011

Gripping Beast Small Saxon Hut .... and cattle

I ordered a small, resin Saxon house from the chaps at Gripping Beast in order add a little scenery to my Saga game board (My original plan was to buy one and then make scratch built duplicates).

When the model arrived, I was delighted with the quality; the resin was well cast and did not require any alteration filling or filing at all. The term 'small hut' is quite literal here - the model only measures 7cm x 8cm.

As ever, I have painted the model with a combination of Citadel and Vallejo paints.

The cattle were provided free of charge by the beast as an apology for the building being out of stock when I placed my order - now I need some peasants to tend them and live in the hut!

Next out will be a 40mm square based Saga Warlord with bodyguards.


  1. Cracking job Mark, how would my Ottoman's match up for a run through?

  2. Only issue would be what faction could the ottomans represent? Saxons, Vikings, Normans or Welsh? I will also check the forums for any other options.