Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Menorcan 'Martello' towers

For years now my family and I have spent summer holidays in Menorca. I was delighted to discover on my first visit ten years ago that the island is dotted with old military installations. These range from 18th century up to the Spanish Civil War. Over the years I have made a point of visiting and photographing the sites (and breaking my ankle at one!)

The British built 12 Martello Towers between 1798 and 1802 and then made use of three towers built by the Spanish earlier. The photos below show two of the Spanish built towers, constructed by Captain Francisco Ferdenandez de Angulo in 1781.

The Tower at Alcufar

My wife Elizabeth and our girls Grace and Tilly sitting in the shade of the tower at Alcufar, halfway through a 6km midday, 37 degree hike.

The view from Alcufar towards Fort Marlborough near Mahon.

San Del Xanso tower in Punta Prima.

Another view of San Del Xanso.

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  1. Your taking this campaign thing far to seriously. That's quite a trip to cheap your countries defences. Cheers Stu