Thursday, 5 August 2010

Starship Troopers M-9 Chickenhawk

Everybody has a wargames buddy that always makes the suggestion as to what game to pursue next. It always starts innocently - 'iv'e always fancied doing...' 'do you know what iv'e always wanted to try' etc etc... And before you know it you've invested in a new pile of unpainted lead, books, movies etc!
Well my buddy is Stuart, and yes mate, you've done it again!! This time it's Starship troopers - and would you believe that on the same week as Stu mentioned it, the film was on Sky. Well that was all I needed - it wasn't a case of another scale/range/era - it was fate!!

Here is my first foray into it - an M-9 Chickenhawk exo suit. A nice model to make and quite satisfying to paint:

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  1. Mak
    Have you still got this model, just one a couple off e-bay and will prove very useful for the upcoming campaign.