Thursday, 26 August 2010

Spanish Civil War Bunkers on Menorca (1)

Having visited the Spanish island of Menorca a number of times, I have always been facinated by the sheer number of military relics found along the coastline. This year was no different and when the family took a siesta, I grabbed my camera and went exploring. We stayed on the west coast of the island, just south of the 'old' capital Ceitadella, where I found three Civil War Bunkers and a British Napoleonic Era Fort. Below are the photographs I took of the bunkers; a map showing the locations of the bunker and a diagram of the bunker layouts.

This bunker is located just south of Cala Blanca beach and features a gun position, a machine position and rifle positions for about 12 men.

More photographs of other bunkers to follow...

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