Tuesday, 27 July 2010

World War One Naval miniatures (part 3)

And so to basing...

Step one - Using plasticard, cut a base 30mm wide and 10-20mm longer than the model to be based. I always file down the edges and round off the corners using one of my wife's emery boards (sorry dear!). Next superglue the model centrally length wise, but one ship width to the right of centre width wise. I then paint the base with Vallejo 'Dark sea blue'. Step two - I use vallejo water effects to create the look of waves. Vallejo have a different water effect for different seas. To represent the Atlantic and the North Sea I use Atlantic blue. The product is a thick acrylic gel which I apply with an old brush. The colour is a little disconcerting at first as it is a bright, most un-sea like, blue - don't panic - it changes colour as it drys. Once applied you can create waves using a tooth pick or similar tool. Now the blurb on the bottle states that you should leave it 24 hours to dry - in my experience this should be extended to at least 48 hours, depending on how thick you apply it.

So what to do in the meantime? Well there are five more ships mounted on my painting block and i'm also going to take my Dremel to a couple of duplicate ships to make some sinking ship markers - pics to follow.

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