Monday, 26 July 2010

World War one Naval miniatures (part 2)

The next stage brings along the biggest dilema in my painting - do I go for historical accuracy or Hollywood representation. Like most gamers I seem to spend ages choosing and testing colours before finally applying them to a model - ask my mate Stuart - he'll tell you how long I prevaricated over my Florian Geyer SS Cavalry!! Anyway I digress! The wooden decks of ships tended to vary significantly from nation to nation; from ship to ship and from theatre to theatre (weather effects etc). The wood of the Royal Navy's decks were often almost scrubbed white. I tried this on a model - it was historically accurate, but just looked wrong - as a consequence I tend to favour Hollywood representation- if it looks like the thing it's supposed to be, then it is the thing it's supposed to be (whatever that thing may be!). So on to...

Stage Four - Paint the decks using Citadel Desert yellow, being careful to avoid turrets etc. Again it's back into the oven for 15 minutes at 150 degrees. For German ships I use vallejo desert yellow - it's slightly darker than citadel and differentiates them from the British.
Stage Five (above right) - Finally pick out the lifeboats in Citadel skull white and the tops of funnels in Citadel chaos black. Return to the oven (same time and same temperature) and the painting of the ship itself is complete. Tomorrow we start the basing...

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