Monday, 17 February 2014

28mm infected/ Zombies

 The problem with following blogs is that you always see more goodies that you must have!  Pig Iron Miniatures new 'infected' were a must have. When I saw the pictures on their blog they reminded me straight away of the infected dark seekers from the movie 'I am legend'.

When the figures arrived I was delighted with the quality of casting and the details on the figures. I was however surprised to find that they had 'posts' on the end of their feet, meaning I would have to use resin bases.

A quick ebay search led me to Micro Art Studios. They provide a super range of detailed resin bases and gaming accessories. I bought 2 packs of their 25mm urban bases, they ship 5 bases selected from the 12 below.

To attach the figures I used a Dremel to drill two holes. I then used superglue to fix them in place.

As for painting, I used a selection of Citadel and Vallejo paints and washes. I used Citadel rotting flesh from their old range for the flesh (I suppose they have an equivalent now).

The pictures below show the completed figures.

OK this picture is the same as the first, but I left the flash on and it created a nice sinister effect... I'll give you three to start running!

Next on the paint table, three more infected and four special forces figures from Hasslefree miniatures.


  1. Good stuff, and Legend does come to mind

  2. Very nice - They do look scarey....