Sunday, 22 July 2012

28mm Napoleonic Prussian Infantry

 At last the summer holidays are here, which means I now have a little bit of time for painting! It's now full steam ahead for my Napoleonic Prussian Infantry.

I opted for a Box of Perry Miniatures hard plastic Prussian Line Infantry (1813 - 1815). The figures are nicely sculpted and have proven simple to assemble. As ever I glued the figures to a 1p piece, however, instead of the usual polyfiller, PVA glue and sharp sand, I used the new Citadel texture paint. Basically it's good old Basetex! I was quite pleased with the results, but it may prove expensive in the long run.

I have painted the figures as the 2nd Silesian Regiment. I have used a mix of old and new Citadel paints, details of which are below:

Boots, Gaiters, ammo bag and Shako cover - Chaos Black
Tunic - Kantor Blue Base with Badam Black Wash
Trousers and Greatcoat roll - Fortress Grey with Badam Black Wash
Collars and Facings - Sunburst Yellow
Webbing and bread bag - Skull white with Badam Black Wash
Musket - Vermin Brown washed in Agrax Earthshade and Boltgun metal
Buttons and sword hilt - Dwarf Bronze
Scabbard - Vermin Brown
Sword Knot - Skull white.

Next on the paint table, more Prussians!


  1. They look great did the textured paint save time though?

  2. Yes, saved a load of time Brummie... I'll certainly continue with it