Wednesday, 15 February 2012

A quick update on my Malifaux Guild; the Death marshalls have been the focus of my painting.

Paint scheme so far:
Trousers - Vallejo =Luftwaffe Grey followed by a Citadel Badham Black wash.
Coat - Citadel Dark Flesh followed by a Devlan Mud wash.
Skin - Citadel Tanned flesh, Citadel Ogryn flesh wash, Vallejo pale skin dry brush, Orgryn flesh wash, Vallejo pale skin highlight.
Coffins - Citadel Scorched brown undercoat, Citadel Bestial brown 'dry brush' (but with careful application on details) and Devlan Mud wash.

The flames or spirit or whatever it is coming from the coffin is no doubt going to be a source of perturbation... for now they have been started in Citadel Sunburst Yellow... we'll see it that lasts the course!

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