Thursday, 28 April 2011

Completed 'Kindle' Sci- fi Bunker

In my last blog entry I mused on the possibility of converting the cardboard liner from the box of my Amazon Kindle into a Sci Fi Bunker... Here it is... The model was painted using a mix of Vallejo, Citadel and B&Q paints; it was 'dirtied' and 'worn' using citadel washes.

The Helghast logo was copied and printed off the net and glued in place, the lettering was hand painted from a Helghan Alphabet (also found on the net).

The steel pipes are made from large bore drinking straws.

The ladders were made from 'granny grid'. The pipe leading into the bunker was made from the flexible part of the drinking straw. The slogan reads 'Victory or death' in Helghan.

To give access to miniatures (Pig Iron Kolony Militia - see earlier posts) I cut the card structure at the base so that the whole top half lifts off. The boxes and cases are from Fenris Games.

I felt that the bunker stood a little too high. I couldn't make it lower, so decided to justify the height by cutting into the roof and forming a rooftop observation post. Here an Helghan Officer consults with an Technical NCO.
A birds eye view shows off the whole model nicely.

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  1. Good job Mark. Fantastic use of the packaging. saving the terrain piece at a time. :)