Friday, 25 July 2014

28mm sctratch built Tunisian or North African buildings for WW2

 That's right folks, the summer holidays are here, so I reappear on the painting scene.

I have been working on a 28mm World War Two North Africa project on and off for a while now. The pictures below are of five scratch built buildings.

The buildings are made from foam board and MDF. The buildings were clad in a mixture of PVA glue and sharp sand (remember basetex?) which I applied using a plastic spatula. The base itself was covered in watered down PVA and scattered with sharp sand.

The roofs and doors were all made from thin MDF which I then scored with a pointed file to create individual planks.

The paint scheme is based upon the Tunisian village of Sidi Bou, where every building is painted white and all the doors and shutters painted blue. I used a combination of Citadel, Vallejo and B&Q tester paints.

To complete the models I added clump foliage to represent a kitchen garden on two models and weeds. I also used dry grass spots to represent weeds.

Next on the table are a few more buildings and a well.