Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Just a light trim please!

To quote Al Pacino, "Just when I thought I was out, they drag me back in."

After over 5 years out of the hobby, I am definitely back in! I have now completed a dozen old west gun fighters and my first building.

I have decided to opt for a more Hollywood style of Old west and spent some time trawling the net for terrain manufactures. In the end, I selected Empires at War.

The pictures below show the results.

I chose the pre painted kit option. The kit came as 4 sprues, although most of the parts had become jolted free in transit. Those pieces still in the sprues popped out easily with very little pressure from a sharp blade.

I used regular school PVA glue and some lightweight modelling clamps. The fits were all good and snug, resulting in a sturdy model.

Empires at War recommend dry brushing the finished model, which is my next step.

My only dilemma now, to base or not to base?
Any thoughts guys?

Thursday, 23 April 2020

28mm Artizan Old West

So after a break of over 5 years, I have completed my first figures.
The minis are from Artizan's Old West range. They are described as 'Goth gun fighters'.  I as able to dig out enough useable Citadel and Vallejo paints that hadn't expired to get the job done.

Next on the table are three Texas Rangers.

Wednesday, 22 April 2020

I'm Alive! (rolled a 6 on a D6 save roll!)

Wow! It's been almost five years since I posted on my blog!
I was finding balancing hobbies really difficult back then and was committing most of my spare time to Archery. I actually got quite good at it and won a trophy and a few medals!!

Sadly, due to ongoing knee and shoulder problems (resulting in surgery) and pressures from work and family commitments, this has also been put on hiatus.

I spend most of my limited spare time now helping to run a ladies football club in Redditch. This all came about after my youngest daughter started playing for one of their junior teams.

However, since being put into isolation due to the Covid outbreak I have once again picked up a paint brush! When I was actively gaming I really enjoyed Old West Skirmish games, so I now have a dozen Artizan 28mm old west figures on my rather dusty paint tray. I will post some pics once they are complete.

Stay Safe


Wednesday, 22 July 2015

All things must pass...

As George Harrison once sang... All things must pass...

It is with a measure of sadness that I announce my retirement from war gaming. Over the years I have made some great friends and enjoyed their company (if not their dice rolling!). Hopefully I will still be welcome to make the occasional guest appearance a Wyvern Wargamers Club.

I have found less and less time for hobbies over the last 18 months, so something had to give.

I will be selling off my collection over the next few months on Ebay, however if there is anything I have posted on here that you are interested in, drop me a line.

All the best, and don't forget ... anything but a one.


Tuesday, 12 August 2014

28mm scratch built Mosque for World War Two North Africa

The latest addition to my World War 2North African/ Tunisian village, is a small mosque. When designing the building I decided not to include a minaret tower, reasoning that a mosque in a small village wouldn't have one.

The frame of the building was made using foam board attached to an MDF base using grab adhesive. This was then covered with sharp sand and painted with B&Q Soft Almond interior paint.

The door was made from a scrap piece of MDF and the windows were made with plastic 'granny grid'. Both of these were painted and highlighted in blue.

The dome was made from a Polystyrene ball from Hobby Craft. It was cut in half, glued to an MDF roof. I then covered the dome in fine surface filler that was sanded down to a smooth finish once dry. I decided not to paint the dome gold, but in the same blue as the doors of all the building in the village to match.
The base was then completed by gluing sharp sand that was painted, washed and highlighted in Citadel paints. To finish it off I added foliage scatter for weeds and self adhesive grass tufts.

Next on the table is another house, this time made from cork tiles!

Sunday, 10 August 2014

More 28mm scratch built North African (Tunisian) buildings for WW2

 Following my last post, here are the latest scratch built additions to my World War Two North African village.

First up is a well - very easy to make, a donut of Miliput attached to a piece of MDF , followed by three sharpened pieces of wooden cooking skewer glued together and o the base using a impact adhesive. This was all covered in sharp sand and painted as per my last blog entry.

The LRDG officer standing by the well comes from Artizan Miniatures.
Next up is another single story dwelling, made exactly the same as those featured in my last entry. The only difference being the sheltered porch. This was simply made using pieces of wooden cooking skewers. The material used to make the covering came from an old pair of my wife's tights, which I painted with Citadel Tallarn Sand.
This picture shows the other addition, shutters for the window, which I made from thin MDF. This was scored and painted in my usual style.

The Afrika Korp soldiers patrolling by are also from Artizan.

Next on the paint table, a small mosque.

Friday, 25 July 2014

28mm sctratch built Tunisian or North African buildings for WW2

 That's right folks, the summer holidays are here, so I reappear on the painting scene.

I have been working on a 28mm World War Two North Africa project on and off for a while now. The pictures below are of five scratch built buildings.

The buildings are made from foam board and MDF. The buildings were clad in a mixture of PVA glue and sharp sand (remember basetex?) which I applied using a plastic spatula. The base itself was covered in watered down PVA and scattered with sharp sand.

The roofs and doors were all made from thin MDF which I then scored with a pointed file to create individual planks.

The paint scheme is based upon the Tunisian village of Sidi Bou, where every building is painted white and all the doors and shutters painted blue. I used a combination of Citadel, Vallejo and B&Q tester paints.

To complete the models I added clump foliage to represent a kitchen garden on two models and weeds. I also used dry grass spots to represent weeds.

Next on the table are a few more buildings and a well.